Help for when relationships hurt
Leonard Bohanon PhD.

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Considering Counseling?

If you are thinking about counseling for relationship problems, there literally are hundreds of counseling methods you, or your therapist, can choose from.

Your feeling about how well you connect with the therapist is much more important than which of those hundreds of methods you or your therapist choose. You can best determine this by a brief conversation or an initial meeting. You should walk away from that initial conversation feeling understood, respected, and like what the therapist says makes sense (even if it is a little vague at first - good ideas take a little time to form)

There is very good science about what makes relationships work, and it is an art to bring the science to life!

I focus on several of those hundreds of methods. Primarily, those that are sometimes considered strengths-based or collaborative. Part of the art of good relationship therapy is working to find and make use of your existing strengths as a couple. A collaborative approach emphasizes getting everyone involved and working like a team. After all, you need to be able to work together after therapy is over!

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