Relationship Counseling

Help for when relationships hurt
Leonard Bohanon PhD.

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Experience on the cutting edge!

I have been in clinical practice and working with couples and relationships for over 30 years! I am licensed as both a Marriage & Family Therapist and a Psychologist in Texas.

But if you are concerned that being in practice that long would make me old fashioned, don't be. I have been teaching and training in Marriage & Family Therapy training programs since 1998 and always focus on up to date, fresh, "cutting edge" methods.

My current approach might best be described as collaborative and strengths-based. Being collaborative means working to make sure that you are engaged, involved, and invested in treatment and its outcome. Being strengths-based means focusing primarily on making use of your strengths and resources. Making better use of existing strengths is almost always a faster and more efficient way to achieve your relationship goals!

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